Napoleon of mixed Berries

Napoleone di Fragole miste


One sheet frozen puff pastry, about 9 x 9
2 cups fresh mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries ,tiny strawberries or larger strawberries, diced to the
size of the other fruit
2 - 3 Tablespoons Confectioners Sugar
Vanilla Custard
Strawberry Sauce
Mint for Garnish

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Serves 6
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Cut the puff pastry into 3-inch square pieces. Cook according to the directions on the package (example: 400 degrees for about 15 minutes). When the puff squares are done (lightly golden), split each pastry square into two layers.
Place the pastry cream in a pastry bag with a small round or star tip.
Place one layer of puff pastry on a work surface. Top with a small amount of pastry cream (pipe enough cream to hold the fruit, but not so much that it will fall out the sides)
using your fingers assemble 1/8-cup fruit on top of the cream, top with a second layer or puff pastry. Repeat the cream and fruit. Top with a third and final piece of puff pastry (choose a golden brown "top").
Drizzle some of the strawberry sauce on a dessert plate. Place the Napoleon on top of the sauce.
Place a few more berries on the top of the napoleon.
Place a few tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar in a small strainer. Tap/sprinkle the confectioners sugar through the sieve over the top of each napoleon.
Place a small sprig of mint on top.
Chef’s Tip:
Wait a few minutes for the puff pastry to cool before you cut it in half. Some frozen puff pastry sheets do not raise as high as others, therefore use your judgement, if the cooked puff pastry is too thin to be cut just, do not cut it, and make the Napoleons with only one layer instead of two.
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