Salami with Provolone and Olive Caper Cream Sandwich

Panino al Salame con La Crema di Capperi


1 recipe of Olive Caper Cream Cheese Spread
4 kaiser, hero or ciabatta Rolls
1 whole peeled Garlic clove
¼ pound Provolone, sliced
scant ½ pound Italian Salami, sweet soppressata if possible, thinly sliced
Serves 4
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Slice roll lengthwise down the side. Open like a book and toast lightly. Rub the garlic clove gently over the toasted roll.
Spread 1 -2 generous Tablespoons of olive-caper cream cheese spread over both sides of the roll. Use ¼ of the half pound of salami per sandwich, about 2 ounces. Roll or fold 1 ounce of the salami pieces and place them on the olive caper cream spread on one half of the bread. Take ¼ of the Provolone slices and fold those as you place them on top of the salami. Roll or fold the remaining ounce of salami slices on top of the Provolone. Cover with the top of the roll and serve.
*If you like a saltier spread, you can substitute pimento stuffed green olives for the black or in addition to the black olives.
Chef's Tip:
If you have any leftover olive caper cream cheese, it can be used to make an horsd’hoeuvre spread on crostini and topped with a small piece of rolled salami, or a sprinkle of parsley.
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